New Beginning

As I am working to finish putting Green Phoenix Institute Website, I had an inspiration.  I thought it would be good thing to share what I do as Japanese woman who grew up in Japan, living in this lovely town Eugene, raising two children plus Pannya the poodle, being Acupuncturist’s wife, loving creating my community. It is my intention to share nourishing way of life.  I studied Nourishing life  (Yang Sheng program at the Taoist Studies Institute in Seattle when they first established the program.  Foundation of Chinese Medicine, Nourishing cooking, Qi Gong, Taoist culivation and all the nourishing way. For more information on the program, please visit directly their website.  I loved that program.

Well, here I am after 6 years past since that program, I am continue to practice what I learn there and learn more about different way of nourishing my family.

Here is bit about me. I grew up in Southern Japan. My home town has the most sunny days in the nation.  Thanks to that fact we now blessed to get amazing large juicy Mango there.  Believe or not, one large local mango cost $50.  I sure felt bliss when I ate that mango. I sure miss delicious produce from my great uncle who runs organic farm.

After years of convincing my parents, I finally arrived to Seattle, Washington on September in 1991. I remember clearly that Seattle smelled so differently. It smelled foreign.  And it was foreign county where everything looked different.  I loved the fact it was so different. Food was so different.  First week being at my host family’s home, I developed about 20 canker sores in my mouth.  Oh dear!!!  My host mother told me that it will heal faster if I rinse my mouth with salt water.  I would not have done it now, but I was gullible back then.  I did indeed rinse my mouth with salt water.  It hurt so bad I felt depressed how hard this transition was going to be.

After being ESL programs, I studied Chemical Dependency and Counseling.  Then I went to Evergreen State College to study multicultural counseling.  This is where I found my soul mate, my husband.  He really gave me wings to fly.  I influenced him to study Chinese Medicine and by default, I got hands on experiences of incorporating Chinese medicine.

Well, thanks to my host family and my husband, I now am assimilated pretty well in this culture.  I am happy to say learning English gave me many more blessings in my life.  Being able to write like this is definitely one of them.  So now you know why my English may not be perfect or bit hard to understand.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Through life in America, I found nourishing life.  Writing this blog is part of nourishment. Life is beautiful.

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