Our Choice

Right now we can either live in the permanent peace of mutual self-annihilation or the eternal conflict of mutual other-annihilation. It is the only real choice before us individually and collectively. Actually there is no choice other than peace. Only those ignorant of the true power of choice choose conflict. But choosing peace means choosing self-annihilation. This must be understood. Selfish people have no place in a peaceful world.

Rumi says: “No one will find his way to the Court of Magnificence until he is annihilated.”

A peaceful world is available right now, in our own peaceful awareness. Conflict is the creation of our own mind. Cease making conflict by clinging to concepts of right and wrong right now and permanent peace will reveal itself. Ceasing striving in conflict with others and peace will spread out amongst the family of humanity. Failure to surrender effort to protect the self will result in only more discord. Conflict arises naturally and then subsides. Cease identifying with circumstance and the true balance will assert itself.

This is our choice and it is good news.

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