Roles and Relationship

We take on roles so that we can enter relationship. Roles are purely illusory, but necessary for human society. Without roles, identity is of unity only, and to speak of relationship is meaningless. Proper implementation of roles is invaluable to harmonious civilization. Fundamentally, we enter into relationship in order to enjoy difference.

However, the highest and most enjoyable roles are those relationships in which we can enter unity co-consciously. The relationship between Mother and Child, the relationship between Lovers, and the relationship between Master and Student are three main examples. There are other relationships where only one half of the equation is conscious of unity. Traditionally, the relationship between King and Kingdom was considered to be among these, although this tradition has been lost for the most part. Another important relationship is between Healer and Client. In the highest forms of healing, unity is realized on the part of the healer.

To live a realized life, we must see unity in all relationships. There is no problem in taking on roles. The problem comes with identifying with our roles. Then relationship ceases to be play and becomes a prison. This is the difference between nirvana and samsara, between heaven and hell. To live in heaven, simply cease taking yourself to be your role and recognize unity in all of your relationships.

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