Your True Nature

Your true nature is pure, flawless, and limitless. It is perfectly serene, timelessly aware, and knows all that is presented before it as arising from it. Through beginningless confusion, you have seen wrongly – your perception of your own being has been distorted by confused thinking. Look now and see rightly! Your true nature is ever still, though all movement is embraced by it. Your true nature is ever calm, though the chaos of Mother Nature rages. As your true nature is manifest in all beings, it is like a kaleidoscope of infinite mirrors which simultaneously reflect each other’s images. As your true nature is always one, there is no mirror to speak of – only a single, vast expanse of empty blissful awareness.

Abide in undistracted recognition of your true nature as this empty, blissful expanse. Relax completely the heart’s restriction and abide in the light of this one, constant base of being. All display is your own face. Your heart gives birth to all worlds. Recognize that what you are is the source, the foundation, and the essence of all that arises. Rest effortlessly in this wordless, non-conceptual knowing. There is no separation in any of the bizarre, grotesque, and splendid ways that existence displays. All forms – empty by nature – like rainbow light shine forth timelessly through the nondual crystalline essence of mind.

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