Spring is here.

Our dog, Pannya the poodle is meditation on the deck.  She always tell us the arrival of spring.  She has always done this ever since she was a puppy.  Now she is 10 year old.  Yes, she is the oldest kid dog we raised before our children.  She is definitely the most obedient one of all.

I agree with Pannya. I can smell spring.  I cannot tell what exactly it is, but that fresh smell.  I notice trees have buds on them.  Little buds are coming out from wet earth.  After Chinese New Year, I feel Spring has arrived!

At my dinner prep hours, normally being 5pm to 6pm, it is getting light out.  Not so dark anymore.  After we get home from school, you have little more time to be outside.  I feel like I don’t need to stick with soup menus to keep us warm.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is associated with liver.  Liver is active organ for the season.  My constitution is Liver type so this is not the greatest season for me.  I feel easily aggravated, reactive, short tempered, and etc.  My husband who is acupuncturist told me that it would be helpful to massage my rib area to disperse this aggravation.  You use your both hands as rake to go along with your ribs to go back and forth.  You basically scratch your ribs with your both hands’ fingertip.  It kind of feels good. I will be doing regularly in this time of the year for sure.   If you seem me doing this, you know why.

Also in generally, sour food would be good to calm your poor liver Qi this time of a year.  I love pickle.  I guess this is why I craved sour food.  I make Japanese style quick pickle with the press.  It only takes few minutes to prepare and let the press do the work.  I will share recipe soon. I love having bit of it with every meal.  Fermented food is good for digestion too.  Lots of benefit.  Time to make another batch.

Happy Spring!

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