Center for Sacred Sciences

The Center for Sacred Sciences is a non-profit spiritual organization based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. The teachings at the Center draw from the teachings of the mystics of the world’s major religious traditions, all of whom testify to a common, universal truth. One mission of the Center is to support individual seekers who wish to study and practice these teachings. Another is to foster a new world view in which both spiritual and scientific truths can be seen as different but complementary ways of describing a single underlying reality.

Public meetings are held locally on most Sundays at 11:00 AM and include a short meditation followed by a talk.

For those interested in greater involvement with the Center teachings and practices, the Center facilitates a Practitioners Group that meets weekly.

For information on meeting locations, how to join the Practitioners Group, and for lots more information about the Center’s philosophy, teachings, and teachers, visit our wonderful website at

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