Qigong, Taiji, & Bagua Class Schedule

Matthew is not currently teaching public group classes in qigong, taiji, and bagua. He is still accepting private students.

Private Taiji, Qigong, & Bagua Lessons

Matt currently offers private lessons in Hunyuan taijiquan, qigong, and baguazhang, at the rate of $60/hour. Students can schedule for private lessons online by clicking on the Schedule Now button, here just reproduced, but always located to the top right of the page on this website.

For Prospective Students:

The Hunyuan Taiji Qigong System is a martial art, spiritual practice, and health cultivation discipline with deep roots in the Daoist tradition of China. The foundation of the taiji form is stillness, which is cultivated through qigong movements as well as standing and seated meditation. The baguazhang Matt teaches is based in Cheng-style but has been influenced by the deep internal cultivation of the Hunyuan taiji qigong system.

Learning the internal arts is not a shallow endeavor, and requires lots of attentive practice. At this time, Matt only accepts dedicated taiji and bagua students who have made the commitment to practice daily.

Please peruse this site under the Martial Arts Classes tab for detailed explanation of class content. For more information about the curriculum call Matt at (541) 579-1153.

Visit Facebook here for videos and links about Matt’s Qigong, Taiji, and Bagua classes:
Hunyuan Taiji Qigong for Health & Happiness

For Matt’s spiritual teaching activities please visit: http://centerforsacredsciences.org/index.php/Members/practitioner-group.html

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