Spiritual Consultation

Matthew is an ordained minister and spiritual teacher for the Center for Sacred Sciences, a interfaith congregation located in Eugene, Oregon. The Center was founded in 1987 by Joel Morwood, a student of the late great-grandmaster of American mysticism and non-dual philosophy, Franklin Merrell-Wolff. The Center’s teachings draw on the mystics of the great religious traditions of the world, which unanimously teach the ultimate reality of selflessness. From this Truth of selflessness flow the manifestations of Love in all its forms. Recognizing our essential non-difference with all forms is the understanding of this Truth of Love that brings abiding peace and happiness, the goal of all spiritual pursuits and the recognition of the purpose of life as well.

Matthew teaches free of charge, as a labor of love, to spiritual seekers enrolled in the Center for Sacred Sciences’ practitioners’ group as well as occasionally giving talks at the Sunday meetings. Matthew provides guidance, support, and technical practice suggestions. He is grateful for any opportunity to share his experience and insights with sincere spiritual practitioners. He encourages those interested in attaining the final goal of freedom to consider participating in the Center’s curriculum carefully.

For more information about the Center for Sacred Sciences, our teachers, meetings, and groups, please visit the Center’s website at www.centerforsacredsciences.org.

To peruse a smattering of Matthew’s spiritual thoughts, visit Sieradski’s Snowflakes, his blog.

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