Biodynamic Craniosacral Work / Sacred Touch

What is Sacred Touch?

Sacred Touch, Matthew and Hiromi’s style of Biodynamic Craniosacral Work, is a gentle touch modality that can make dramatic improvements to our well-being. It is based upon the tradition of osteopathy’s biodynamic cranial work as well as meditative and contemplative methods from the world’s wisdom traditions. The practitioner orients to the fundamental stillness of our innermost being, and reposing from this completely resourced position, touches the client in a series of spontaneous contacts. Each contact may last for many minutes and the entire session takes 30 to 60 minutes. Sacred Touch sessions can lead to profound states of consciousness, trauma and emotional release, and mental and physical integration. It is a bodywork method for spiritual development that promotes the process of integrating deep awareness of our sacred nature with our bodily experience.

Who Can Benefit from Sacred Touch?

Anyone with a body who is willing lie on a table and enter stillness can benefit from Sacred Touch. While a contemporary and powerful transmission, this work is not other than the ancient practice of laying on of hands, which is at least as old as midwifery. Touch is as integral to the human experience as breathing, and when combined with stillness, provides the most powerful and direct resource that we can offer one another. This being said, Sacred Touch is profoundly effective for two basic categories of people: First, for those seeking to release trauma and old emotional wounding, and second, for those seeking greater integration of higher consciousness with the experience of embodiment. In other words, those suffering from the lingering effects of trauma and those who are cultivating their spiritual nature will both find Sacred Touch highly effective and supportive to their life process.

How Does it Work?

The practitioner makes a daily habit of reposing in the stillness of our innermost being. Through dedicated practice, this habit becomes a deep core of abiding wisdom and love. From this core of stillness, through touch, our client’s system is met being-to-being. This deep resonance generates a sympathetic vibratory entrainment with the forces that formed us as embryos – called the biodynamic forces, or the Breath of Life. These forces create, heal and maintain the body. By aligning consciously with these forces, anchored in stillness, both practitioner and client are rejuvenated. Healing occurs, but not through an act of will. Together we surrender to life as love. Through this process, traumatic energy stored in the body can be released as pure bio-energy, directly freeing the central nervous system, organs, and tissues from the lingering effects of past trauma. Simultaneously, we find that we access and experience deep states of consciousness that are our birthright, and the love, joy, peace, and serenity that we seek is found to be immanent within our ordinary awareness.

How is it Related to Craniosacral Therapy?

Sacred Touch is a style of biodyanamic craniosacral work that engages with the formative forces which created us as embryos and which sustain us and all living things throughout life. Some other styles of craniosacral work do not engage these forces at all, and some styles of biodynamic work focus on the movement of these forces, rather than the stillness underlying them. In Sacred Touch, we recognize that all biodynamic forces arise from the stillness implicit in all movement. This stillness in relationship to material physical science may be likened to the zero-point field, or the quantum field substrate, out of which all particles which comprise matter emanate through quantum wave fluctuations. By tuning into this stillness, we serve as somewhat of an antenna and, through entrainment – the process of resonance between two electromagnetic entities – we assist our client in accessing their own innate wholeness. This process is profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating, and assists the body in all healing processes that it is undergoing.

Is It a Medical Intervention?

Unlike other styles of cranial work which focus on disharmony, this modality does not seek to locate, label, and intervene directly with any observed disease processes. This is because, in Sacred Touch, we orient to the whole of our being, which is always perfect, complete, and vital. Through resonating with the stillness and the biodynamic forces, specific disease processes may be addressed, or they may not. This decision is left up to the Breath of Life itself. The practitioner thus serves as a midwife for healing, not its architect. By being consciously present to the forces of life we are bearing witness to the miracle of embodiment, the pure love of life, similar to bearing witness to the miracle of childbirth.

Why Do We Love Sacred Touch?

We love Sacred Touch because it is love embodied. By touching from the place of wisdom and stillness we are physically expressing the divine love that creates this world and our bodies. This very same love is what heals us and guides us onward towards our personal destinies, including our spiritual development and awakening. By being with others in this deep and meaningful way I feel enlivened, deeply nourished, and humbled by the sheer awesomeness of life. It is an honor and privilege to serve in this way.

Who Is Qualified to Study Sacred Touch?

Anyone with a good heart and good hands, who isn’t afraid of touching and breathing with others, and who is called to both deep meditation and loving service is qualified to study Sacred Touch. Our training programs are kept small and intimate, and we have an applications process to make sure that prospective students are a good fit with the culture and mission of Heaven Earth Circle. Generally, more mature spiritual practitioners are able to connect to the style of non-doing inherent in Sacred Touch. Those who feel the call are invited to inquire further.

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