BA, Massage Therapist
For over ten years I had lived with an irregular and infrequent menses. A seemingly biological problem, I was told by my medical doctors that it was hereditary and had only a slim chance of ever rectifying itself. The only option it seemed was through a use of high levels of estrogen supplements, the side affects of which included an increased risk of cancer and ironically enough, a decrease in my fertility, after prolonged use. At the time, I decided to take my chances with inaction. The options offered to me were more frightening than my “condition”. After having a brief consultation with Matt Sieradski, I decided to “experiment” with non-western remedies; having never been a student or receiver of holistic therapies, I was naturally curious and a bit scared. After receiving only two hour-long acupuncture sessions with Matt, I had my first regular menses after ten long years. He accomplished for me in 120 minutes, what Western Doctors said might never be possible.

LB, Retired
I met Matt Sieradski a little over 2 years ago. Matt explored with me, not just the physical treatment, but took time to help me navigate through the emotional (even spiritual) aspects of a more comprehensive recovery. I know that Matt takes a little extra time to complete a full treatment, but I seek out practitioners who build with me the trust I need for my recovery. I have this relationship with Matt, built on trust that my needs are being met. By the way, the needle application during acupuncture treatment has become fun and has me coming back for more.

JC, M.A., Counselor
Matt Sieradski serves a number of men and women that I have referred to him from my counseling practice. I consistently receive positive feedback about Matt’s work from my clients. Matt has helped a number of my clients with various physical complaints, particularly back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain. Matt also has unique training and skill with helping individuals stop addictions, particularly cigarette smoking.
I have also received acupuncture, on a monthly basis, from Matt in an effort to increase my platelet count and decrease the severity of PMS headaches. I have been impressed with his acupuncture treatments and the positive impact the treatments have made. Matt also provides Chinese herbs that also have made a dramatic improvement in my energy level.
Matt has excellent customer service skills. He returns calls on the same day, he listens and is responsive to concerns and questions, he is on time with his appointments, he demonstrates professional behavior with an awareness and respect of acupuncturist/patient boundaries, and he has a good sense of humor. Matt makes the process of acupuncture safe and explains the process of his work, when asked. I highly recommend Matt Sieradski as an acupuncturist.

NM, Retired Professor Emerita
I have known Mr. Sieradski for over a year as an acupuncturist and as a teacher. It has been a pleasure to be Mr. Sieradski’s student in qigong and taichi. He excels as a teacher. He is patient, informative and respectful of his students. He explains the intent of the various exercises and taichi movements without overwhelming new students with excessive information. Information is provided in a timely fashion during the course so that students may benefit more from the performance of the physical movements. His students learn early on that his knowledge and understanding of the human body cover a wide spectrum and students with physical limitations are confident that the exercises and taichi movements would not injure them. Mr. Sieradski’s taichi class includes students who are at different levels of proficiency. He organizes the students into groups for part of the time and also involves all of the students in a single group thereby promoting a sense of unity. He is respected and well liked by his students.
I have also had the good fortune to be treated by Mr. Sieradski on four separate occasions for injuries on my ankle and knee. Twenty-five years ago, I sustained an automobile-related injury to my ankle and, though not serious, endured swelling and minor pain throughout the years. I had undergone physical therapy treatments. I sought acupuncture treatment from Mr. Sieradski in hopes of reducing the irritation caused by the swelling and pain. After his acupuncture treatments, the pain and the swelling ceased. My knee, bruised in a fall on ice a year ago, aggravated me towards the end of my daily three to four mile walks. Here, too, I benefited from Mr. Sieradski’s acupuncture treatment, which has ended the aggravation in my knee.
I whole-heartedly endorse Mr. Sieradski as an taichi/qigong teacher and acupuncturist. As a student of his, I have had the pleasure of observing his interactions with his students; as a patient, I have benefited from his acupuncture treatments. Mr. Sieradski is competent, honest, ethical, realistic, dedicated and personable. He brings professional knowledge and experience of the Oriental system of healing arts that emphasize the balance of energy as being fundamental to the well being of an individual.

CG, Mother and Student
I am honored to write a testimonial for Matthew Sieradski. I believe he is a vital asset to our community in helping people to find comfort and healing. I have known Matthew since 2006 and have recommended his services to others close to me. I am an advocate when it comes to practices that help others and an avid networking mom who believes in the importance of spreading the word of reputable professionals. I currently have ties to the Lane County Birth Network and Lane Community College. I have lived in Eugene for the past fifteen years, married eight and have two beautiful daughters. Matthew is a professional and fun person who can sit down and have a serious conversation with a patient or play “monster” and chase a laughing child.
One of my first appointments was to treat a chronic painful inflammation in my wrists. I was surprised to find the “trigger point” that caused and relieved my pain was not at the wrist but further up the arm. Matthew was very patient in explaining to me about it and in just a few treatments my wrists were pain free (and have remained so). Two of my close friends have also received his treatments and both have had glowing reviews-one had a serious back injury and she told me that her appointments gave her enough pain relief to feel “normal” again. I was also very satisfied by the treatment of my chronic sinus infection-the points he found on my face were immediately releasing the low-grade aches I had been suffering. His ability to locate all my tender points seems uncanny; however, he understands the body and how it relates to all the energy points so well that it appears second nature.
I have seen other health professionals (acupuncture, chiropractic, and MDs) and none have put me as at ease as my appointments with Matthew. His ability to listen and to understand my symptoms without judging or speaking “over my head” has made each visit a wholly healing experience. When I come to my appointment, I can explain what I’m feeling, then he’ll ask me detailed questions and once he starts to treat me, is quick to adjust the treatment depending on what crops up and how I respond. This dedication to his clients’ comfort and therapeutic needs is why I think of him first when I, or another family member, have an ailment that he can treat. I hope to continue my treatment relationship with Matthew for many more years.

CS, Ph.D. (cand.)
My first meeting with Matthew Sieradski was three years ago. I had moved back to my hometown of Eugene temporarily after spending several years in Washington, D.C. and needed help with the ever-deteriorating torn meniscus in my knees. While in Washington, I had first tried acupuncture for stress related issues and was in hopes that I use it again to avoid surgery.
After just a few visits with Matthew, I found vast improvement in my knees. I think I had about seven treatments and I haven’t had a problem with them since. This in itself was enough to convince me of Matthew’s acumen, so I continued to have him work on me for other issues. Having spent two of the last three years living in Europe, it took a lot of effort to see him when possible.
About a year ago, I developed back problems as a result of extensive walking on uneven pavement with heavy shoulder bags in Rome. Because my spine had become so misshapen, I tried another acupuncturist/chiropractor in Italy. This was a very disappointing experience and after two visits, I found myself calling Matthew to get his thoughts on what I should do. Gratefully, I gave up the Italian acupuncturist and managed to wait to see Matthew. With just two or three visits, my back was fine and was much improved even thereafter despite the fact that my walking habits did not change.
One of my appointments was a few days before my wedding. While, of course, a naturally stressful time, I was so grateful for the treatment he gave me as a whole person and not a bundle of symptoms. The treatment that day released a lot of emotions, and Matthew took them in stride as normal instead of ignoring them or making me to feel embarrassed.
Most recently, I found out that I’m pregnant. Matthew could tell by my pulse that I was likely pregnant before I even suspected (I was unaware this was possible through acupuncture.) Despite my own misgivings that I could really be so, he was careful to treat me in such a way that would not endanger the tiny and still-unknown child in my womb. And as a husband and father, Matthew has been able to give me a lot of solicited advice about prenatal health (as opposed to the unsolicited kind that everyone wants to offer a first-time mother).
Finding a practitioner who can bring healing to various ailments qualifies as success, but Matthew has many gifts and talents that have kept me as a loyal customer despite the distance (and expense – I have always paid out of pocket for my treatments). Included in Matthew’s ability to heal are his gifts of listening, attentiveness, an inquisitive mind, thoroughness, and comfort in searching for an solution when he doesn’t have immediate answers.
I continue to unreservedly recommend Matthew to friends and family and hope that my own travels will continue to bring me back to Eugene as a patient.

BW, University Instructor
I met Mr. Sieradski last fall at his booth at the Home and Garden Show in Eugene. After talking with him for a few minutes, I decided to try his acupuncture services. I had been suffering from a very painful shoulder for about six years. I had already tried several other therapies, including traditional medicine (cortisone shots), physical therapy, chiropractic and massage work. They all gave me some temporary relief. Usually, the pain came back within weeks. However, after several sessions with Matt, the symptoms virtually disappeared and have not recurred, even after six months.
I find Matt to be very affable, yet professional. From the first session, I was impressed by his reassuring manner, the way he explained how acupuncture works and what I should expect. I admit I had been somewhat apprehensive about having someone stick needles in me, but Matt put me at ease. His technique is quite smooth. He is very attentive and makes sure that the patient is comfortable. In addition, he seems to be quite knowledgeable about physiology and the interrelationships between body/mind systems.
I would highly recommend Matt to any of my friends without any hesitation.

AD, MS, Speech Therapist
I have been a patient of Matthew Sieradski for over two years now. Matthew has been working with me on long-term health goals and has maintained a systematic, goal-oriented approach to help me reach those goals. My treatments are individualized and adapted according to my needs at each session. He has done thorough research into my condition, and shares this information with me. In my experience, other acupuncturists have been unable to explain their rationale in choosing treatments without using terms and ideas that can be esoteric and alienating not only to laymen, but also to practitioners of Western medicine. Matthew is able to communicate these ideas in an approachable and clear way that makes me feel fully informed in my treatment. He also has excellent interviewing skills. He manages to be both thorough and natural. In passing, I have seen him have good rapport with a variety of patients beside myself.
My appointments are always timely yet unhurried- I am never left waiting for my appointment, I never feel rushed, and although I completely lose track of time and often fall asleep during treatments, I somehow always manage to be walking out the door right as his next patient arrives! I have referred three friends and coworkers to him thus far for a variety of etiologies, and each of them have had positive feedback. I recommend him with enthusiasm and confidence.

RT, Retired
I first met Matthew Sieradski when he was an intern at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine – the school of Dr. Daniel Bensky, an eminent acupuncturist. Matthew treated me there and was very effective. Once I was told that there would be a demonstration-lecture with some other students and I went. Matthew gave a lecture at that time and was very informative and tactful, and I said to myself, “Keep up with him, he’s sharp.” Later on, he graduated and I went to his graduation, and was again impressed by a short talk he gave. When he took up practice, it was convenient, so I engaged him to continue my treatments, and much more of him came out during the treatments. I found that he was very intensely involved in martial arts, in counseling children and in spiritual exercises. One hopes to find some of these qualities in a Traditional Chinese Physician, but one doesn’t always find them. Matt was very effective with me. I had some severe problems and he helped refine a 2,000-year-old formula so that it always helps my health immediately. His insight into my character, my needs, and the resources of Traditional Chinese Medicine are sometimes found in the generation of physicians born before WWII, but Matthew is younger. Never mind that, he has the virtue of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am glad to commend him to future patients.

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