Recommended Websites

Oriental Medicine Links:
Notes from the Acupuncture Clinic Blog
Health and healing from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine
Matthew Sieradski and Matthew Branham’s alma mater

Institute for Traditional Medicine
A good resource for quality articles on Oriental Medicine and specific diseases

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
Mayway Herbs
Nuherbs Co.
These are our sources for the GPI bulk herb pharmacy

Taiji and Qigong Links:
Movement and Stillness – A Blog
Articles on the philosophy and practice of Taiji, Qigong, Bagua, and Meditation.

Pa Kua in Eugene, Oregon
A blog by one of Matthew’s Bagua (Pa Kua) students, Roger Leo.

Taoist Studies Institute
Matthew’s Taiji teacher, Harrison Moretz, is the Institute’s director.

Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang’s Hunyuan Taiji Website
The official website in China of Hunyuan Taiji (it has an English version)

Mystical Spirituality Links:
The Center for Sacred Sciences
A local resource for authentic direct path mystical teachings. CSS holds public meetings at Green Phoenix Institute every Sunday.

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